Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not exactly what I planned

This morning I have a helper by my side. For some reason at 5:21 AM Ainsley though it would be a good time to wake up and come downstairs. You see, starting at about 4:00 AM my office is the couch in the den. I have a system. I get a cup of coffee. I drag an extension cord across the floor. I grab my laptop, my iPhone, and my USB memory key. I prop a pillow behind my back. I snuggle into a large yellow comforter and get to work. Yes, I know. I lead a hard life.

The problem with this "office" set up is that when every a child comes down stairs they see this as a snuggly spot - not a worky spot. So, when Ainsley came down stairs she made a beeline right over to me and made her demand. "Move over. I wanna snuggle wit you." How could I resist? So, here I sit next to a very warm little snuggler with "Johnny and the Sprites" on the Disney channel in the background. It isn't exactly what I planned as I sipped my coffee and began going through hoards of email this morning but I certainly won't complain.

I am pretty lucky.

I have purpose after all.

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