Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not so fresh feeling

Good morning! Well, I am happy to report that everything seems to be going well. The kiddos all appear to be operating within normal limits. Sydney continues to be less and less itchy and I am fairly happy to report that I have not seen any new spots arise. She has complained about sporadic aches and pains but I am curious as to whether that may be, in fact, a ploy to get more attention. I can't even remember all of the places that she says that she has hurt - her back, her legs, all over, you name it. I would be more concerned but I guess I have learned to temper my worry. The threshold on the indicator is set a bit higher than it used to be. I am just trying to enjoy our lives for now. Trust me, I could worry about all of this and especially the spot within her arm but I just don't think it would do any of us a bit of good. The truth is I can't do anymore to prove or disprove it is neuroblastoma so why worry about it. It won't do Sydney any good, it won't do our family any good, and it certainly won't do me any good.

Graham is doing pretty well too. He certainly is an odd little dude. He is taking after his father much more than I would like. Last night, I was having a normal conversation with the boy just lounging away in Lynley's new Mother's Day lawn furniture. We were sitting there fairly quietly when he opened up with this.

Twerp #2: "Daddy?"
Me: "Yes, Grahamers."
Twerp #2: "I went poopoo today."
Me: "Well that is just dandy, Dudester."
Twerp #2: "You know, sometimes when you wipe your hiney it doesn't get all of the poopoo off."
Me: "hm. hmm."
Twerp #2: "Sometimes I have to use lots and lots of toilet paper."
Me: "uh, huh"
Twerp #2: "But then it gets stuck and makes the toilet explode. So,I flush the toilet after I go poopoo but before I use toilet paper."
Me: "That's a good idea. Thanks for sharing Dudely."
(Silence returned)

I just don't know where this stuff comes from. (Well that stuff I do. I mean his comments.) I just don't get it. I guess this is just a little boy's way of communicating. This must just be the boy version of the "not so fresh feeling" talk that we keep hearing so much about on television. I really don't know but there just seems to be a whole lot of sharing going on. I still have not figured out how I feel about all of this.

Finally, Ainsley. What can I say about Ainsley? She continues to be the tootinest twerp of the bunch. She is full of sugar (and vinegar). I have never seen such a combination. She can certainly reel you in with that sweetness but don't get to comfortable. She is also the most likely to clobber you while you are not looking. Daily I am amazed by her prowess. Even after all we have endured, I think she may just be my greatest challenge.

Well I had best be off. I was up at 4 and I am still yet to get to the work that I spent all night thinking about. This morning seems to be lost in an email abyss.

Purpose abounds.

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Emmers said...

wait - you have never had the chicken pox?