Friday, May 30, 2008

The Graduate

Can you believe it? We now have a certified first grader. Yesterday evening Sydney officially graduated from kindergarten. The day was jam packed with activities. First, in the morning, there was an award ceremony. Each child in the class was awarded for their various achievements throughout the year and then given an award for their personal gift to the class. As you might have imagined we did NOT win an award for perfect attendance. However, Sydney did win a couple of special awards, one of which for being a super star pupil in her computer class. See, and here you thought when I called myself a computer nerd I was just kidding. Sydney's special gift award was for compassion because she was such a compassionate little girl when it came to dealing with others. I was probably most proud of that award. There were special awards for dedication, persistence and all kinds of great personality traits but I must admit that I was particularly proud of Sydney's achievement. I can't think of a personal gift greater than compassion and it is always something that we have tried to ingrain in her. I would let her take credit for it (it being her personality trait and all) but it is clearly superior parenting. You may also note that I always won the special gift of humility.

Following the awards ceremony there was a pool party and then finally, at night, the official graduation ceremony. Now you may have heard me complain about a 2 hour cap and gown ceremony for the kindergarten class. However, I may have to change my tune a bit. They put on a show that was nothing short of incredible. There was singing and dancing. It was great entertainment. I was once again blown away with what they were able to accomplish with these young kiddos. There is simply no way my kindergarten class could have pulled it off. In fact, I would be surprised if my 5th grade class could have pulled it off. It kept us laughing and certainly kept everyone entertained. As soon as we get the video I will post it. Well, I had best be off. Another busy day lies before me.

One of my purpii has graduated. What an incredible milestone!

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