Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have arrived

Well, I just checked in to the hotel. It is about 6:00 PM in Japan which is roughly 4:00 AM in Fort Worth. Oh well, there will be plenty of time to sleep later. I am actually getting ready to head out to dinner with some of the people from the conference but I wanted to check in to say hello. I left yesterday morning in a pretty big rush.

Honestly, I had two major issues leaving town. First, I really was having a tough time saying good bye to the kiddos. I missed them unbelievably and I wasn't even out the door. Secondly, I was supposed to be taking this trip with David, another father of a child with neuroblastoma. David and I were good friends and I was really looking forward to the trip. Plus, I was going to count on him to keep me out of trouble. Unfortunately, In a last minute snafu he was not able to make it on the trip. That left me all by my lonesome.

Well, almost. I then met little David and little David agreed to go with me to keep me company and out of trouble when bi David could not. Truth be known little David and I have had a blast. When I get a chance I will catch you up on some of our adventures. He got a little drunk on the plane. What can you say. Good ol' David!

Unfortunately, now I have to run. It is time for dinner with little David so we can get fueled up for purpose. We have a lot to learn.

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Vickie said...

Little David looks like the perfect traveling companion. I hope you bring back loads of great information. I'm like Paul Simon, always looking for miracles and wonders.