Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home again!

Well, here I am - home again! Last week seemed like it went by in a flash but, to be honest, it did not go by quickly enough for me to see my kiddos. It is very nice to be home. My mind is still digesting all that I have seen and heard over the last week. It was an extremely productive meeting and I hope to share much of what I learned over the coming weeks. Today, however, is chock full of other activities.

For starters, today is Ainsley's 3rd birthday. Nothing gets much more important than that. We had a birthday party for her last night here at the house but in true Dungan fashion she will be spreading her celebrations out over a week. Today she will celebrate at the school and then tonight at the Purple Cow Shake-a-thon. Next weekend she will have yet another birthday party with some of her friends. I can already begin to see that this one is going to be my party animal. She is starting at such a very young age.

So, today is the official Lunch for Life Purple Cow Shake-a-thon. If you have a chance, please come on out for a good time. Believe it or not, coming out to lunch or dinner at the Purple Cow really does make a huge difference. Remember, lunch or dinner, it does not matter - just be there!

Oh, and don't forget, don't tell Ainsley it isn't for her birthday. Somehow she is under the impression that it is another party just for her.

Yes, she is a little full of herself. But, it will still make for a great party.

Today everyone gets a scoopful of purpose.

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