Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The sneaky scratcher. Is it Twerp Pox!?!?

Lynley has another diagnosis. This time I sincerely hope she is wrong but she has a pretty good track record. Last week some bumps appeared on Sydney's head. You may remember the great debate - I thought they were buggish and Lynley was quite sure they were something less benign. Dr. Debbie took a look at them and deemed them insect bites. Of course, I gloated. You see, I may know a lot about neuroblastoma and its treatment but I am a complete idiot when it comes to diagnosing or treating anything else. I have no medical training. That is were Lynley is the more capable one. I usually defer to her. She is almost always right on the money. She is uncanny that way. I stick to neuroblastoma. That, I at least understand.

So, over the weekend, these bumps multiplied. They also appear on her torso and her hands. When I first noticed them on her belly on Sunday I noticed that they were really inflamed, almost like a welt. I had assumed that they were more insect bites and that she was scratching them. On Monday they started to appear on the back of her hands. Now she is covered with 20 or so red bumps - most of which have scabbed over in the middle. The bumps are itchy and the biggest problem seems to be simply keep her from going after herself. Sydney consciously knows not to scratch but simply cannot stand it. She has begun to sneak off away from us just to scratch. Caladryl seems to do the trick to reduce the itchiness but it does not seem to last very long. Sure enough after a while we will notice that Sydney has snuck off to scratch were she will not get caught.

So, Lynley has made the official diagnosis - chicken pox. She seems pretty sure of herself to. Myself? Well, I don't know and I have never had chicken pox so I am staying far away from Sydney. Until we know more she and I have delighted in across the room hugs and air kisses at night. We went through this scare last year and Sydney remembers all too well. Daddy can't get chicken pox. Today we will have to find out more. I imagine that we will need to sneak Sydney back in to see Dr. Debbie. I, on the other hand, get to go back to the dentist for more fun. I am just hoping that this will be my last trip for awhile.

Graham just came down stairs and asked for me to turn on the television. I told him that I could not find the remote. He suggested that maybe the belly button snatcher took it. Wow! Too funny! I can't wait to hear about this. I did not even know that there was a belly button snatcher.

A day of purpose awaits.

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