Friday, March 21, 2008

Capturing Chaos

Good morning! Well, I still don't have any news on the FISHing report but, on the other hand, I am feeling better about it today. Another family that went through a similar situation a few years ago wrote in the guestbook and assured me that it took awhile to get some answers. They also confirmed my original feeling that the waiting was excruciating. That made me feel better. Strange, but it is sometimes nice to hear that you aren't the only ones to ever have had to suffer through the wait. Thanks Vickie!

Today will be a special day. I have all 3 kiddos to my little lonesome today. The mean state of Texas has required that my wife work on Good Friday while they have let my twerplets out of school. I will be terribly outnumbered with no one to run cover for me. However, after almost 7 years of parenthood I am completely certified to handle them on my own. It is just much more fun with my wife. Regardless, my mind is reeling with ideas on what we can do. I was thinking of a breakfast picnic at the botanical gardens, followed my a run through the trees and then, perhaps, a trip to the Zoo. I have a few other options as well but this will keep us close to home and to Lynley. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Governor will let them go by about noon. This way she can join us easily.

Today I will be taking the camera. I am working on a new Dungan Family website (yes, I know, only about 5 years over due) and I want lots of shots of the kiddos. Last weeks photo shoot with Geno Loro ( has made me fall in love with photography and the different emotions that can be captured. He did such tremendous work that he has left me desperate to try to capture some of those feelings on my very own. Of course, I have no experience, no talent, and no worthwhile camera but, has anything like that ever kept me from trying, heck no. To me it is kind of like trying to learn about neuroblastoma. I will just keep beating myself across the head until it sinks in. Eventually, I will get a good picture. As you can see from the picture below of Sydney that was taken by Geno Loro, I have a long way to go.

Now that is purpose!!

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