Friday, March 7, 2008

6:18 AM 3/7/2008

Good Morning! I am having a little bit of a late start this morning. I woke up about 3:00 AM and forced myself to go back to sleep. The next thing I knew it was about 5:30 AM. The good news is that I did not have anything really critical waiting for me this morning. I had spent the late evening hours with my nose in the laptop studying various bone tumors. It did not raise my confidence level. Bone tumors are about as much fun as neuroblastoma. I was not delighted.

On the other hand, we had snow yesterday. It was quite wonderful for the kids and a really sharp contrast from the day before. I could not resist taking another picture. Can you believe this was only taken one day later?

I am pretty sure that this is pretty much the Mecca of kiddo-dom. I can't recall another episode of such giggly exhilaration in our recent history.
Well, here we are on Friday. Late Sunday evening or early Monday morning we will make our way to Houston for Sydney's biopsy of the spot on her arm. We are due at 8:30 and I imagine that we could be finished as early as noon. I have not received all of the details but from what I understand she should be able to walk out of there with as little as three Band-Aids on her arm. That is certainly what we are hoping for. To remind everyone, this procedure is far less invasive than the other way that they were going to go. We will be biopsying the spot on the bone scan which is slightly different than the spot found on the MRI. This is a slightly easier area to hit safely and we will not be putting her at nearly the same risks that we were with the open biopsy. Additionally, we will be sparing the spot on the MRI. If we ever need to go in later to biopsy that spot, it won't be damaged. Many have asked why we are not biopsying the spot on the MRI. Wouldn't that be the most likely spot to find tumor. Well, yes and no. The area on the bone scan is much larger so, in that sense, it is much easier to hit. Also, if it is disease we should still be able to get an adequate sample. They will be sampling three places with a radiology guided needle. We are of course praying for her safety and that they don't nick any vessels or nerves. To be honest, even after studying various bone tumors, I really don't know what to pray for. Let's just hope that it is something benign - something recoverable. There is still a chance that this could be nothing too serious. Truth be known, however, it is a long shot. Let's just pray for the best for Sydney.

I hope to write on Monday morning but as you may guess it could be difficult. I will keep everyone informed as time permits.

My purpii sure look happy up there, don't they?

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