Tuesday, March 11, 2008

6:10 AM 3/11/2008

Good morning! Well we have safely arrived at home sweet home. We did not leave for our trip back to Fort Worth until late afternoon. There were some issues with Sydney coming off of the sedation. I think Lynley and I both blame ourselves for letting it happen. It was certainly no fault of anyone else. Sydney is just a nutcase on narcotics. We probably should have known she would go off the deep end with any more. However, she was older now and we figured that it must certainly be related to age. She had surely outgrown the Cybil.

We were wrong and it was less about age and much more about the narcotics. This is how it all happened. She came out of the initial sedation beautifully. She was happy, cheerful, and sweet. In fact, she was already getting ready for lunch. All of a sudden she began having some waves of pain. Never having had a bone biopsy in our forearm we really had no concept of the level of pain she was in. She was being fairly dramatic and pointing to her wrist. The doctor came in to take a look at her. It made sense. The area that she was complaining about was where the muscle that they had gone through attached to the wrist. Her pain score was pretty high and we elected to give her some more Fentanyl. The pain subsided. But, all of a sudden, Cybil came out. It was like a switch immediately flipped. Apparently this was just enough to tip her over the mental edge and she went into an hour long mental funk. It was full of crying, screaming, and flapping around on the bed. There was no consoling her. In fact, there was no way of reaching her. No one was home. There was no reason in her eyes. Simply put, she was mad.

We had seen this reaction before. Way back in the recesses of our minds we remembered her difficulties with Nembutal. That drug was part of this sedation mix. In fact it was in a group of drugs that I call the "Cybil nutsoids", a whole group of drugs that send her to the flip side. Versed and Nembutal are the big ones and I think the Fentanyl was just one more feeling that was the sprinkle on top that sent her over the edge. Regardless, we were all in agreement to withhold any further drugs and she eventually came out of it. I must say that the team at Texas Children's really felt for us. We had prepared them in the beginning. We had gone down expecting anesthesia and when she received sedation we made it very clear that this was her history. I think we had all assumed that it had been a while and that she had possibly outgrown it. We were all wrong. Sydney's brain and that grouping of those classes of drugs are a big no-no for Sydney. We won't forget in the future.

We finally made our way out the door and back into the car at about 3:00 PM. We were home by 7:45 PM. In the end, it was a long day. We made a bad judgment call but it did eventually turn out to be okay. We won't make assumptions next time.

Purpose can catch you by surprise even when you think you know better.

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