Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5:11 AM 3/12/2008

Good morning! Well you certainly would not have been able to tell that Sydney had a biopsy on her right arm yesterday morning. Today she was up to all of her usual antics. There was nothing to slow her down. This week is Spring Break for the kiddos at Southwest Christian School. Mimi has come in to visit and to spend some time with Sydney during the week. This gives Lynley and I a bit of a chance to catch up on work. With all of the scans and procedures as of late both she and I have spent the majority of our time outside of the office. Neither of us really thought it would be appropriate to take an entire week off to watch Sydney - not that we would not want to. Regardless, Sydney spent a wonderful morning running errands and playing with Mimi and DeeDee and then spent much of the afternoon watching the construction workers over the fence. They are in the process of renovating the house next store (this is month 9) and watching them is one of the kiddo's favorite past times. I often found her scaling the fence and climbing trees. If her arm was bothering her, she certainly did not let it slow her down.

Thankfully this week is a tremendously busy week. Although I am constantly thinking about Sydney's biopsy results, the hectic schedule keeps me from being able to wallow in worry for too long. Today we will be having the first of two days of a photo shoot for the CNCF. I don't know that I have mentioned it before but the CNCF is working on a national neuroblastoma awareness and educational campaign. It will include video, audio and print elements and should run pretty much throughout the country. The theme of our campaign and our message is heavily dependent upon the imagery. The photography is a major element to our success in getting our point across. Geno Loro, a well known photographer, has agreed to help us out free of charge and he has donated two days to photograph families. We have about 10 families that have been touched by neuroblastoma and are willing to be part of our message. Over the next couple of days we will be photographing them all over the place. It will be good to keep my mind busy and it is quite obviously for a good cause.

As you can probably tell this is a very strange place for me. It is quite like walking in a fog. Outside of our trip to Houston and some scans this has been such a completely normal time for us. Sure we have been worried about what Sydney's future will hold but it has been so nice to just be a normal family. We have done all kinds of normal activities and have just tried to enjoy the norm. The fact is that we know that, come tomorrow ,the fog will lift. We will most likely be able to see what is on the other side. When we glance past the haze will we see horror? Will we be thrust back into the roller coaster world of cancer? Will it be neuroblastoma? Will it be something worse? Could our prayers be answered and could it be something benign? I am still looking for that nice sweet differential diagnosis that says it could be something sweet and innocent but I am yet to find it. The fact is, the haze is getting ready to lift and fear is rolling in its place. Tomorrow afternoon we should have an answer. Please don't let it be neuroblastoma.

Spare my purpose.

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