Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5:42 AM 3/19/2008

Good morning! There isn't much to report on the kiddo front. Dr. Russell unfortunately did not offer any reports on Sydney's FISHing expedition. The training session on neuroblastoma bone metastasis did, however, go very well. Being the first time, with a brand new technology, and our first attempt at an online seminar I think it went very well. Oh sure, there were some technical glitches but it went really well. So far, the feedback that we received back was great. Now I just have to figure out what the next topic should be.
Yesterday was quite a rainy day. This left all of the twerplets a little stir crazy. When Lynley got home she rescued one of them from the insanity and took him to the store for some new shoes. As many of you know my son Graham has some issues. He is anal with a capital Daddy (I meant to say A) Of all of my children he continues to be the most sensitive soul. This "sensitivity" raised its head once again as they tried on shoes.
You see, it all began the day before. Lynley had the day off from work and decided to buy the boy some new super go fasties (shoes). She purchased Graham some handsome new tennis shoes. When Graham came home he absolutely fell in love with them. In fact, he carried them around all night and even slept with the shoe box. In the morning he tried them on. They were clearly too small and Lynley told him we would have to take them back to the store. Graham insisted that they fit just fine. His heart was broken. This sent his psyche into overload and he had a mental breakdown.
This was the reason they were back at the store. They needed to fit Graham properly so that we could restore his gentle mental state. The footometer had him measured at an 11. This is what Lynley had brought home the day before. They decided to start him with a 12. There has a good half an inch between his heel and the back of the shoe. They were clearly gi-normous. Graham, however, felt that they were down right perfect. Again, we had to pry him out of the shoes and try on a smaller size. The next size down was an 11.5. From all practical appearances these seemed to fit the bill. They were just big enough to give him some room to grow but not too big that he looked like he was speed skating when he walked. Lynley asked him to walk a few steps. He refused and very sweetly started balling. He demanded that the shoes were too small. Mind you, it was clear that they were not. He demanded that they did not feel right and, once again, his gentle psyche was in turmoil. Lynley bought the shoes and came back home. By the time they arrived home Graham had forgotten that he thought the shoes did not fit and spent the rest of the evening running around in his newly found love.
I did not get to put him to sleep last night as I had a CNCF board meeting but I am pretty sure that he tried to sleep in them. In the end a great tragedy was averted.
Sometimes I am amazed at how similar my purpii are to me.

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