Monday, March 10, 2008

6:26 AM 3/10/2008

Good morning! I have just a few minutes but I wanted to give everyone and update. Well, we snuck down a day early. On Saturday evening Lynley received a call from one of her friends who happened to have tickets to the Hanna Montana concert. Although this is the last thing Lynley and I wanted to attend we figured someone else just might like it. I don't know what the odds are of having a friend in Fort Worth who had tickets (and good ones) to a sold out concert in Houston, but we sure hit those odds. Regardless, we hopped into the car and made our way down to Houston just in time to attend the teenage girl frenzy on Sunday afternoon. Sydney had a blast. She even suckered me into buying her a purple wig which she wore for the remainder of the night. All in all it was a successful trip down.

This morning we are due at the hospital at 8:00 AM. Sydney is still curled up on her pillow fast asleep and Lynley is busily adding to her beauty in the bathroom. I imagine things will start to get going in full force pretty soon. I am not sure when she is scheduled under the knife but I am assuming it is somewhere near 10:00 AM gauging from times that they have restricted her diet. If all goes well we should be back on the road by early afternoon.

Today I am hoping for a smooth procedure and that they are able to sample the bone without causing fracture or too much damage. I am praying for a good sample and most of all that it is not neuroblastoma or something even worse. I am going for something benign. If you get a chance this morning send some positive thoughts in the direction of one otherwise perfectly normal, happy, and healthy little girl.

Today my purpose is focused.

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