Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twerp Status Quo

I know it would not surprise anyone if I told you that this week was hectic. Here it is Thursday morning and the week has gone by so fast I can't really tell you what happened up until this point. It has been a whirlwind - both personally and professionally. Out of the depths of my mind (it is fairly shallow so it makes it easy) I can recall a few things.

First, the kiddos are all doing pretty well. In fact, Ainsley even brought home a blue sticker from school. It is funny. That still actually shocks the hell out of me. Regardless, once again she achieved greatness and we were all treated to a 49 cent vanilla ice cream cone on the way home. I truly am thankful for McDonald's this year. Ainsley has been so good that anything more than a 49 cent ice cream cone could put us in the poor house at her frequency of good behavior.

The others are doing pretty well, too. Tae kwon do is still a 3 night a week hurdle but the kiddos seem to be enjoying it. Oh sure, they complain that they would like to stay home and ride their Razors around the block for a few more hours but that doesn't phase me. Another hour of unmanaged chaotic behavior can never be a good thing when it comes to those 3 . Yes, the organized structure of tae kwon do class suits me just fine. At this point, it may be the only thing that preserves our parental sanity on those evenings.

Well, enough of the update. I have cookbooks to get out the door.

There is still time left. Don't forget to get your Christmas Lunch for a Cure cookbooks - it is 2 gifts in one -

Back to shipping purpose.

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