Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finding the cure for neuroblastoma over lunch

Every year since Sydney's diagnosis we have fought to find the cure for neuroblastoma. Of course, for me, I had a vested interested. But, that was only the catalyst. That was the spark that made me realize what a truly horrible situation children with cancer were in. You see, I had never known that childhood cancer was the number one disease killer of children in the US. I was shocked to learn that it was a more common killer than Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, Flu, Asthma and AIDS -- COMBINED!

I just didn't know.

I also didn't know that the term childhood cancer was made up of over 80 indications and that all of those different childhood cancers COMBINED received less than 1/4 of the funding than just one adult cancer (breast cancer) received.

Think about that. With so little funding and so little support for our nation's number one disease killer of children, how would we ever find a cure for any childhood cancer - much less neuroblastoma?

Our answer was to do something about it and just 2 months after Sydney's diagnosis Lunch for a Cure was born. The mission is simple - raise money for neuroblastoma research that will lead to a cure - and the concept was even simpler - ask everyone to give up lunch for one day and donate their lunch money to neuroblastoma research.

Over the years we have raised millions of dollars for neuroblastoma research and lives have been saved. Yes, their are children alive today that would not be had it not been for out lunches. Think about that power. All you did was give up one lunch - but it saved a child's life. That is power.

And so here we sit at the end of another year but on the verge of funding the most important clinical trial we have ever had the opportunity to fund. Our goal is to raise $150,000 to fund a trial for children with neuroblastoma. That is $3000 per child for 50 children. We are funding a trial that is using a drug which has already been proven to increase survival by 20% but giving it to a group of children that do not currently have access to it. Furthermore, we are combining it with new drugs in the hope that it will become even more effective while also reducing its toxicity.

There is no doubt that this trial will save lives. It is important and it must be funded. 100% of donations go to fund this important clinical trial. There are no administrative fees or costs. This is entirely about funding neuroblastoma research. This is about finding the cure.

When was the last time your lunch could save a life?

Please give up your lunch today and donate it to lunch for a cure and ask all of your family, friends and coworkers to do the same. It is just one lunch but it will save lives.

You want to make a big difference this Holiday Season?

  1. Go to https://LunchforaCure.org/donate.aspx
  2. Enter a donation amount.
  3. Select Sydney's name
  4. Make a donation
  5. Ask everyone you know to do the same.
We still have $100,000 to go and time is critical.

We will save lives.

Today all children with neuroblastoma will be our purpose.

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