Friday, July 30, 2010

Selling Out

Did you know that summer is almost over? Yes, next week begins the back to school parties. In fact, in just 2 short weeks the kiddos will be back for another year at SCS. For those of you keeping score, Sydney is entering 3rd grade, Graham 1st, and (God help them) Ainsley is headed into Kindergarten. Lynley and I began going over the list last night. That means new backpacks and school uniforms. That means after care for Ainsley and a bevy of checks for spirit shirts, PTA, Booster club and just about anything else they can think of to sell to us. That means school supplies and loading up the school charge cards. Yikes!

This will be an expensive month - a very expensive month.

So I guess I am going to just go ahead and sell advertising on their back packs, clothes, school utensils and anything else I can think of. Wouldn't it be great to have a big "Coors Light" patch on the back of Ainsley's school sweater or a Tide Ad on the back of Graham's backpack. I might even be able to get into some of the lucrative pharmaceutical advertising as well. How about "Topotecan - it isn't bird chemo. It is the reason I am here." for Sydney. No? To over the top? Well, darn. It was nice to dream wasn't it?

I guess I had better get back to billing.

You see, this is the reason I can't sit around all day with the kid's, swim in the pool, or play golf.

I have purpose to attend to.

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