Friday, July 9, 2010

Preventing the onslaught of chaos

Good morning! Well, we Dungan's find ourselves on the brink of another very busy day. This is Lynley's busiest time of the year as her department rolls out about 350 new laptops to the newest group of medical students. This is also complicated by a heavy load of the normal and abnormal day to day issues that she faces as a director. I, too, am buried in work and scurrying to climb myself out of a whole and meet a delivery date of next Friday. My vision of my first week back from vacation having a significant about of available time to work on this public health planning project couldn't have been farther from reality as my time has been quickly eaten up by a surprise grant proposal for a neuroblastoma education initiative that is due on Monday. I don't think Lynley or I will be out of the weeds for another week or two.

The good news is that the kiddos don't seem to be too busy. With a mandatory two weeks off from Tae Kwon Do they don't know what to do with themselves. Surprisingly (and I mean that) that have been exceptionally good this week. There has been a little infighting but surprisingly little given the fact that we are in mid summer and they have spent all of their time together. Graham continues to be a victim of the girls' abuse but I honestly don't know how much can be done about that. To be honest, he brings a bunch of it on himself. While the girls can gang up on him and be mean on occasion, his over the top reaction to their abuse just seems to egg them on more. The only solution seems to be to separate them until (a) Graham can compose himself and (b) the girls find something else to focus their torture upon. After this little break, everyone seems to be back on the same page.

Other than a trip to Chuck E. Cheese this week on Lynley's Birthday and a trip to Target for groceries they have been pretty much homebodies this week. They have filled their days with art projects, Wii games, movies, and swimming outside. All in all, a pretty good summer. However, I also know that we are going to need to get them out and about as all of this coup-up-ed-ness is bound to lead to boredom and sibling abuse. We will see what we can do this weekend to break up the monotony.

It takes purpose and action to prevent the onslaught of chaos.

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