Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the routine

Last night was the kiddo's first night back to Tae Kwon Do since the Junior Olympics. For the most part, both kiddos were very excited to be back to see their friends. If I am being honest, I must also say that it was pretty good for both Lynley and I as well. Spending that much time at practices, we have become close to them as well. The practice was pretty relaxed in comparison to those that we had participated in getting ready for the Olympics. In fact, for them it was all about getting back to basics. They spent the majority of the time drilling to improve their kicking stamina, power, and accuracy. That exercise is good for the whole team but it was especially good for my kiddos who would benefit from an entire year of those exercises. I would love to see them do nothing but those exercises for the next 6 months. It would be boring but I can guarantee that they would come out of it with 10 times the skill they have now.

I would be remiss if I did not say that this was also the first time back to gymnastics for Ainsley. Yes, she received the mandatory 2 weeks off after the Olympics as well. However, the reason she took mandatory time off was that her parents were too forgetful to remember to take her to gymnastics when we weren't already there for Tae Kwon Do. She was glad to be back. While I have been generally dissatisfied with the quality of gymnastics offered at GSX she seems to be getting better with time even if the classes don't appear to offer much in the way of improvement. The important part is that she likes it.

Well, I had best be off - another day and another project.

Things are in a rut. I feel sort of empty. I need to refocus on my purpii.

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