Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just trying to get through the week.

Argh! I am way behind on a project, hence, the reason I did not write yesterday. The good news is that we will still deliver. The bad news is that it will take some long hours. All of this work is not helping to improve my twerp wrangling skills. They kiddos are still as mischievous as ever - probably more so now that they are not receiving adequate supervision and attention from their father. Lynley has been more attentive than I. However, she too is slammed at work and it looks like that her days will only get worse as the week ends. That will leave the snots with at least a day or so with room to run amuck.

But then, then I will dominate.

Over the last few days I have received a ton of advice on dealing with my little Ainsley problem and, fear me little ones, I will be back with a vengeance.

Ha, ha, ha ,ha (big evil laugh)

In the meantime, I have to get back to work.

On another note, we Dungans had a great time out with the Heads last night. It was a trip to Mama's for pizza. 6 kids (2 with neuroblastoma), 4 adults and a pitcher of beer. It was the perfect highlight to a manic week. It had been awhile since we had seen Hayden and it was great to catch up. At last we left him he had HAMA'd after his second round of 3F8 antibody. This led to another round of chemo to suppress the immune response. Unfortunately, as of this moment, he is still HAMA positive. This highlights the problem with 3F8 and the need for the high dose chemotherapy preparatory regimens. It seems that I see this more often than not with those that pursue 3F8 without the preparatory chemo. It is just something to keep in the back of your mind if you run into that difficult decision of whether or not to put your child through another round or two of high dose chemo. It is a tough situation, especially with someone that does not need the chemotherapy to treat the disease (just to suppress the immune system) and this can frequently be the cost. Now, what do you do? Regardless, it was especially nice to see hair starting to grace the top of Hayden's head again. As usual, Ainsley stuck to his side - literally. She made every effort to hold his hand at every turn. Graham brought his bag of quarters that he has been saving and they all went nuts with the coin operated candy machines and games. This was all followed by a trip to get some gelato . All in all, it was a wonderfully fun and relaxing evening. It is always good to see them.

Well, it is time to get back to it.

I have to get all of this work out my way so that I can refocus on my purpose.

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