Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Start

Good morning! At midnight last night we arrived home from our vacation to Atlantis. We had an incredible time. In fact, I am sure there will be days and days of stories to tell. For now, I am in full recovery mode. In fact, I am not even quite awake yet. However, I wanted everyone to know that we are at home safe, sound, and happy.

I also want everyone to know how thankful we are for everyone's support concerning Lunch for Life. It will take some time to personally respond to the 280 or so new messages that we received while we were out of the country. However, I do want you to know how incredibly thankful we are to have so many well wishers and friends. When you are wronged you often feel alone in your fight but with the tremendous support we have received we can not possibly feel that way. Thank you for your kind words and offers of help. It really meant a lot.

The only new news on that front is that CNCF demanded that we take the Lunch for Life site down. So, we did.

Not to worry, though. Plan B is well on its way - thanks to all of you that have helped us there as well.

We will beat this disease.

Purpose is rejuvenated.

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Susan said...

Mark, I remember sitting in our transplant apartment in another town reading your idea for Lunch For Life back in 2003 and feeling like maybe, there was something that could be done. Thank you for that hope. I am sad that Lunch for Life has ended but I am looking forward to supporting your next venture.