Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moving at the speed of good behavior

Good morning! Yesterday was so fast paced that neither the kiddos (nor myself) had the time to misbehave. Sydney, Graham and Ainsley are all spending the majority of their time outside of the house with Miss Claudia. It is her last week with us and she is trying to go out with a bang (or, in this case, without giving the kids much of a chance to be up to their normal tricks) It is amazing how quickly her time with us went. It is hard to believe that summer is nearly over. Next week we will be going on a Dungan family vacation and, almost as soon as we get back, the rugrats will be back at school. Yep, the end of summer is on our heels.

Yesterday the kiddos were treated to a morning of Chuck E. Cheese. From eye witness reports, I understand that they had a blast. Additionally, they were so busy running around they had no time to get into trouble with each other. THat was followed by lunch and a nap and the next thing we knew we were eating dinner and heading out to another event. In the evening we had one of our first back to school parties. The SCS Kindergarten and Pre-K classes threw a shindig at Jumping Party. As you might expect there were about 100 four and five year old miniature goobers running around in all out chaos. Graham and Sydney had great fun seeing many of their friends from the year before. This was Ainsley's inaugural bash and there wasn't anyone in her age group that she really knew. None the less, she had great fun following her brother and sister around. That was, until, she foundcaught the eye of an older man. Unfortunately, the love of Ainsley's life, Zackary Rodgers, was not there. The good news was that his older brother Jeremy was. This was almost as good as the real thing. Ainsley decided to spend the remainder of her time chasing and hollering after him. Nothing was funnier that watching her call after him "Germy, Germy!!" I was laughing so hard I didn't have the heart to correct her. None the less, they all had great fun. By the time we arrived home, everyone was ready for a quick bath and bed. It was a complete and well-behaved day for them. That is the trick. Keep them too busy for badness.

Today will be more of the same for them. I will be off to the Tarrant County Appraisal District to fight against yet another 10% increase in property values and it's corresponding increase in taxes. I am amazed. Every year since the day we moved in (10 years ago) they have raised our property value by 10%.

Who knew the housing market was so good?

It isn't, lets hope I can prove my point.

Well, there you have it. I am off to a day of mixed purpose.


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