Monday, August 24, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Good morning! Well, I will tell you, it was one busy jam packed weekend. Some friends were visiting from out of town and we did our best to give them the grand tour. Now, when I say we, I quite literally mean it. The star guest was almost 3 year old Trey and our kiddos goal was to ensure he had one spectacular time. On Saturday morning, the whole crew got together for a picnic breakfast at the Botanical Gardens. That was then closely followed by a jaunt through the Japanese gardens. This is one of the kiddos favorite excursions and they had an absolute blast. For them it is much less about the flora and much more about the fauna but, none the less, they had a great time showing Trey every fish, lizard, and squirrel they could find. Much to their delight their was even a discovery of a litter of baby kittens. This excursion was then followed by swimming at the pool and then dinner at Uncle Julio's.

For Graham and Sydney, the dinner would be followed by an overnight stay with our guests at DeeDee's house. It had originally been planned for the two boys to bond, Trey and Graham, but Sydney developed such a big sister bond with Trey it was obvious that she had to be a part of the adventure. Sydney did a great job entertaining Trey. She truly was a great big sister. Ironically, I don't think Graham really spent even a single minute playing with Trey. Frankly, with the bond Sydney and Trey had developed I don't think he even had an opportunity. It was okay for him though. He was glad to be with his DeeDee.

Sunday did not slow down. It started with a large breakfast which was then followed by a trip to the zoo. Almost four hours of that was enough. Even I was in need of a small nap after that. It was necessary because our next trip was right around the corner - a trip to LaGrave stadium and a night of minor league baseball with the Fort Worth Cats. It would be an understatement to say we were not completely worn out by the end of this last adventure. It was certainly a busy weekend. We hope Trey had a good time.

Off topic, on the way home we passed by a cemetery. For some reason Graham felt it was necessary to tell us all about it:
That is were you go to die. They dig a hole. Put you in it. Cover you up with dirt and put a rock on top of you.
I am always amazed at the kiddos' observations. Life to them is so clear- so black and white. Through there eyes life is so simple and clear. Over time, I always seem to forget that. Life always seems to get in the way. I get busy with work and deadlines and other useless monotony and I often get so wrapped up that I forget what is really important.

Keep it simple.

In a way, that is what purpose is all about.

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