Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't ask.

You know, sometimes I just don't think people get it. They read the words I write but, I am curious as to whether they really get the impact. Do they really understand who my children are? You see, I am not a particularly gifted writer as anyone that has ever attempted to edit my work will attest. I wonder, do I get the point across? My twerps are on their own level. They do the unimaginable, even amongst those who do the unimaginable. I just don't know whether I have the gift to tell their stories. Do my words do them justice.

I just don't think they can.

Perhaps a picture will tell a thousand words.

"Daddy, um, come here"

This is what purpose is all about.


Jennifer said...

Oh my word! How did she do that? That is probably my greatest fear in life & I spend all day chasing my kids away from our ledge.

Anonymous said...

That made my day......

Gay May