Friday, April 10, 2009

A new era

Good morning! Would it really surprise anyone if I told you that I did not write yesterday because there was mass chaos around the Dungan household? Of course, not. There you have it. That is the reason I did not write - well, that, a bunch of work, and the fact that I was researching some terribly interesting neuroblastoma stuff. Regardless, I am back today on a beautiful Friday and one in which all of my Dunganlets are at home. Yes, everyone is home from school. Lynley is working a half day so we are making plans for what we are going to do with the kiddos. For one, I know that they will be going over to DeeDee's for an Easter Egg hunt. I have considered taking them to the zoo or to the botanical gardens but I just don't know whether or not we will have time. Fun is up in the air.

I guess I should probably also mention that today Sydney has a clinic appointment. This will mark the beginning of her new 6 month scan schedule. After almost 6 years of quarterly scans we will now be stepping off. It is a scary proposition but one that I am much more comfortable with than I was earlier in our journey. Let's just be clear. I am more comfortable with scans being further apart. I am sure that I will not be any more comfortable with the scans themselves. That is a mental leap that I do not think I will ever be capable of.

This set of scans also marks another very important milestone. Sydney is now officially 2 years off therapy. While that is no guaranty of success it is a very important milestone. It is also another important sign that we could actually have an upper hand on the monster. While I would never underestimate this disease, it is movement in the right direction. Getting two years out of therapy is a big deal. These set of scans do have quite a bit riding on them.

I should also mention that, while it is not a milestone, it is important to note that Sydney is also 4 and a half years out of her "relapse." We have not seen even a hint of disease in at least 4 and a half years and, if you fall into that group of experts that do not believe that we truly relapsed, then we are now well over five years since transplant and the last time we absolutely know that we saw disease.

I would never gloat and brag in front of the beast. I know what he is capable of. But, these are good signs that I hope we get to appreciate to their fullest.

I am hoping and praying for clean scans.

The fun begins next week.

Purpose marches on.

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Zeynep Erden Bayazit said...

As someone who has read what you have gone through retrospectively, yet someone in your shoes now...all I can say is that you ( dad and mom) and Sydney have done great job against NB...This is an important milestone for her! I am very happy for you all.