Monday, April 20, 2009

3 of 4

Good morning! Well, I am happy to let you know that as of last night we finally received the phone call that we have been waiting for. The results were in - well - for 3 out of 4 of the tests anyway. The great news is that Sydney's aspirates and her MIBG was clean. It appears that we are still waiting on the bone biopsies. According to Dr. Eames she was surprised that they had not received the results as of yet. Thankfully, though, she did not seem suspicious and fully expected to have the results sometime this morning. At the very least she said she would be calling the pathologist. Hopefully, we will receive some good news today.

The CT was clean but not without some anomalies. First, they are once again seeing some thickening of her sinuses. We thought we had gotten on top of this but that is perhaps the price you pay when you stop treating. The last 2 CT scans had shown these spots resolving and, as of the last scan, resolved. Given that, we had taken her off of her three drug combo. Perhaps, it is time to reload her with Singulair, Astelin and Nasonex.

Dr. Eames also alluded to a tiny spot on one of Sydney's lungs. I know, big gasp. The good news is that they went back and looked at this spot on previous scans and it has been there for quite awhile. The better news is that it has not changed. It has been the same tiny spot that has always been there. Given that, we can probably assume that this is some kind of tiny little scar on her lung and not the nasty 'n' word. My brain is still processing the info though. I haven't yet decided how paranoid I am going to be about this little spot. It might be one of those things that I just have to see to believe. I am starting to form the questions in my head. How big is tiny? Where is the scar located? Outside or inside? Exactly how long has it been there? How does neuroblastoma usually present in the lung?

I don't want to make anyone paranoid. Dr. Eames seemed very confident that this was not neuroblastoma. I am a junky. This is stuff I need to know.

I could be paranoid by the fact that the biopsy is taking longer than expected as well.

That is just me. It is what I do. It is my job.

It is my purpose.


Anonymous said...

I understand. My son, Michael, scans in 3 weeks and the anxiety is building. I am so happy the scans are clean for your beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

So happy every thing appears to be ok. Sydney and the rest of the family continues to be in my prayers.

Gay May

Zeynep Erden Bayazit said...

I don't know exactly when one can feel sheer comfort in this situation, but, every clean scan is worth a big smile! I am very happy for your family!