Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Animals, trains, and scans

Good morning! Yesterday everyone made it back to school and work - except for Ainsley. Given the fact that she is the official Jewish representative in the Dungan family her school was closed for Passover Break. That was okay with me though. That meant I got to get up early to get some extra work done and then spend the late morning with her until her nap time at noon. This gave us some special time together. I took her to the bookstore where we spent about 30 minutes looking at and reading books. We then bolted over to the zoo where we spent almost two hours looking at animals.

Well, that is not exactly true. We spent about 1 hour looking at animals. We spent the next hour riding back and forth on the zoo train. It was a bit cold but we both managed to have a genuinely good time together. We made it through by snuggling on the train. That is one feeling I am certainly going to miss as the kiddos get older. There is nothing better than a good hug and snuggle with my kiddos.

I love being a Dad.

After a quick lunch she was off to sleep for several hours while I plowed my way through work. Today will be a bit different. I am giving a seminar at 10:00 AM and will have plenty to do in association with that. It doesn't look like I will get another morning off.

I don't know whether you will hear from me tomorrow. Sydney is due at the hospital pretty early for the beginning of her scans. Tomorrow she will have her bone marrow aspirations and biopsies, a CT scan, the last bloodletting for the Nestle vaccine, and an MIBG injection. As you would suspect, I am already appropriately concerned. I should note that this will also be followed by Tae Kwon Do (probably not for her) and my birthday party. Yes, I will be turning the ripe young age of 38. I am aging just like fine turpentine.

All I want for my birthday this year is clear scans.

Right now, that is my purpose.

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