Monday, February 21, 2011

She hasn't killed me yet but she came close.

Happy Monday! Bring on the relaxation...

Yep, welcome to my world.

Actually, last weekend wasn't that bad. Although I did work for about 12 hours on Saturday and another 6 on Sunday(much to Lynley's disapproval) I did get to spend several hours Sunday afternoon on the golf course.

Oh, don't give me that look. I played with some big wigs from Lynley's school. I wanted to stay home and watch the kids but, noooooo, she made me go play golf.

Still don't feel sorry for me? That's allright, I really don't either.

The hard work this weekend certainly fell into Lynley's lap. As you can probably guess, outside of a little laundry I was completely useless to her. She was knee deep in kiddos and, by the end of the weekend, she had that look. You know. That look where your brushing bride of 15 some odd years looks into your loving eyes and says, "The only reason I am not going to kill you is because these are your children and they will need a father when I leave."

Yeah, I was not a very good Daddy or husband this weekend. Better place a check mark in the neglectful husband and father column. The good news is that I can finally see the horizon. This week brings the end of several projects and a chance for me to get back to doing what I love best.

I get to get back to my personal purpose for awhile.

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