Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Got Georgia on his mind

It was not long ago that we got together as a family and watched Disney's "The Sorceror's Apprentice."

Why does that matter, you ask?

Well, it wasn't very long into the movie that Jake Cherry, playing the young Dave Stutler (the Sorceror's Apprentice) passed a note to young Becky (the love interest). Essentially, the note read:

Please check one:
I want to be Dave's
  • friend or
  • girlfriend
It was a cute beginning to the movie and the catalyst that lead to young Dave finding out his true identity.

Other than that, I did not think much of it.

Until, yesterday.

My son, the stud, came home. It seems that Graham took his cue from the movie. He had drafted a note much like the one above and it bore a checkmark in the girlfriend box. The Studster had carefully crafted the note and slipped it to a little girl (Georgia) in his class. She checked the girlfriend box and, as of now, Graham, has moved himself from the 'available' column to the 'taken' column on the Love chart.

Now I have no expectation from 6 year old, 1st grade romances but I can tell you that I remember mine vividly. My heart was torn between Rachel Robbins and Ivette Naparstik.

Oh, those were the days.

I hope Graham can look back at it in some 30 some odd years and remember it with as much happiness as it brought me.

For now though, he certainly has Georgia on his mind.

Score one for the Dudester.

I'd like to say Graham has a gift of some of my purpose but, as anyone that knew me at that age knows, he has far surpassed me in the suave department. Go G-Man!

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