Monday, February 28, 2011

Graham's Ninja Birthday

All things being equal, I don't think Graham's Ninja Birthday could have been any better. It was one of a kind and the only sad person there was the little girl that showed up an hour late. It did not go off without a hitch tho. In fact, it started out somewhat violent with a game of soccer. The boys were busy playing boy style and the girls just weren't too sure about that. Thankfully, Adrian called the party to order and after that it was pretty smooth sailing.

So what do you do at a ninja birthday party? Well, you learn to be a ninja, of course. Just don't ask why a Korean Tae Kwon Do studio is teaching a sacred Japanese art. That really isn't the point. None the less, all of the boys and girls had to learn to hit, jump, and kick to earn their ninjadom. The crowning achievement was where they had to demonstrate their prowess by breaking a board. Graham led them off with a display of his considerable talents. He split a board with a flying 360 round house. Slowly, they made there way around the room as each junior ninja in training broke their board. I think some of the most fun to watch were the little girls. They approached the board with significant trepidation. For many, the fear was palpable from across the room. But, Master Adrian worked with each one of them to make it through their fears. It was the look on the little girls faces when they actually broke the board that made every one's day. I can guarantee that you have never seen such a look of both shock and pride wrapped into one. I heard several of them ask the mothers to stop by Home Depot on the way home to by some more wood to practice. Sydney finished up the round by breaking her board with an ax kick.

Pretty impressive, huh? What you are missing from this picture is the fact that Sydney had a crush on one of the little girl's older brothers that also attended the party. He was both impressed and a little scared.


The rest of the party was typical fare. Cake, presents, and a thank yous. All in all, it was perhaps the best birthday Graham had every had. I don't know how we will ever top it.

For the meantime, we will just enjoy the memory.
Purpose is also about making memories.

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