Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Bogey's aren't bad.

Right before Christmas two of our dogs got out. For the record, we had 3. I am quite sure that violates some city ordinance, none the less, that's what we had. By the way, if you are a part of animal control and you read this then I flatly deny having had 3 dogs. Regardless, somehow 2 of the dogs got out. In all due honesty, we never figured out exactly how they did it. I can only assume that someone did not shut the gate all of the way. They must have sneaked out and then the gate must have blown shut because, when I found them missing, the gate was closed. I know, not very imaginative, but that is the best I've got.

The escapees where Norman, our Sneagle (1/2 beagle, 1/2 schnauzer, 1/2 Heinz 57) and Hope, our Sheltie. Thankfully, later that night Hope was recovered. Unfortunately, at some point, they were separated.

We never found Norman. He never ever showed back up and our searches at animal control, the human society, and local veterinary offices were fruitless. We can only hope that he found a nice home with someone. It would not be surprising as he never met anyone he did not like.

It was sad for the kiddos and made for a somewhat bitter sweet holiday.

It did not take long, however, for Lynley to come up with the idea of adding another dog to our menagerie. After all, Hope needed another playmate. Of course, there was a litany of other excuses to go along with that. I was very firm.

No more dogs.

I even sent her the following text to her phone Saturday morning while we were sitting together at Tae Kwon Do. (Yes, we are that odd.)
"We are absolutely NOT getting a new puppy - http://Link_To_Some_Baby_Shelties_For_Sale_Close_By"
Not long later, we had the following addition to our family.

Meet Bogey.

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laulausmamma said...

Sorry that Norman is still among the missing. Hope all your dogs have tags with your phone # and chips so they won't stay lost should they get out again.