Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back To School

Today the kiddos officially go back to school - albeit a protracted day in order to preserve their sanity. Yes, they will be back out and running amuck by 11:00 AM. I know, it hardly seems worth it. But, do I really need to go in to yet another diatribe on how I feel about this half day nonsense? I guess not.

So, some catch up on the twerplets. Yesterday also marked their return to Tae Kwon Do team practice. While they did practice twice per week over the holiday, they were not official "team practices." Last night's returning team practice definitely put an end to that break. We are entering tournament season and they are back to some serious Tae Kwon Do. The first major tournament will be in Austin on the weekend of the 23rd. That will lay the foundation for their participation at state which is not too far down the road. These will be the first big tournaments of the year for Sydney, Graham, and the rest of the team. Given that, you can bet that the practices have moved into full throttle.

Are Sydney and Graham ready for that level of competition?

To compete, yes. To win? That is a long shot. We are looking for them to get some experience under their belts. Here we are looking for them to defeat their own demons. If they do well - all the better. But, don't loose sight of the prize. This is about personal growth for them. For Graham it is about building confidence. For Sydney it is about conquering her fears.

Well, I must be off. I am taking the kiddos to school today and hanging out on that side of town this morning (no reason to make 4 30 minute drives each way this morning.) I will be calling Barnes & Noble my office this morning.

My purpose is portable.

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