Monday, January 11, 2010

Mid year report card

Good morning! I hope everyone had an excellent weekend. Ours was cool - well cold actually. Luckily, with kiddos of our seed, you would have to anticipate plenty of hot air. In fact, you could probably heat your house with it. That was the case. It was a fairly typical weekend with the Dunganlets and we even gave them a little leeway.

After receiving the report cards they truly deserved it.

So how did they do?

Sydney - Once again, she made the all A honor roll. She capped that off with a litany of E's and S+'s for her behavior, work ethic and performance in enrichment classes like computer, Spanish, art, P.E. and music. (S is meeting expectations so everything beyond that is gravy.) As usual, I have tried to take full credit for her excellent performance but people that really know me are already calling into doubt my paternity?

How could that be possible? Mark's kiddo, really?

Yep, you heard it here first. Plus, it must be my genetics. She already got Lynley's good looks. She could not have possibly gotten her brains, too. Something has to be attributed to my genes.

Graham - Well, we saw great improvement with Graham. He still needs work in a couple of areas but it is abundantly clear to me that we are seeing improvement across the board. He is still struggling with recognizing high frequency words. You have heard me pine away about this before. He just seems to have no capacity for this activity. However, there is improvement and it is getting better with time. We will continue to work with him and hopefully we can get him where he needs to be. I just don't know how to help him and I know it is frustrating for everyone involved.

Ainsley - No report card for Ainsley. Honestly, I still have no concept what-so-ever of how she is doing or what I could do to help her. From my point of view, she is still probably the smartest of the bunch (my bunch). She gets it. After her last review though, I must be honest and say that I have lost a little faith in the system. They scored her aptitude at that just above a plankton. I find that laughable. Historically, according to her previous teachers she has always been at the top of the class. She has also tested particular well. Furthermore, at home, I have continued to see improvements at a pace greater than that of my other two so I am really at a loss. Regardless, she will be testing for kindergarten soon and I am anxious to see what that brings.

Well, I had best be off. Once again I find myself at the beginning of a nightmarishly busy week.

I will just keep plugging away at purpose.

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