Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dunganlet review

Good morning! This morning I sit here in the den ogling this monstrosity of a trophy that Sydney won last weekend. I am still blown away that she won it. It is now draped in all of the medals that she has won over the last year. I will tell you, if it was not my own daughter, I would think it was pretty pretentious. However, since it is my own daughter, I really don't care so much.

Funny how life works isn't it.

It looks like she and Graham may be participating in a small local tournament this weekend at GSX and we already have one on our schedule in Dallas in late February.

Other than this normal business the kiddos are all doing pretty well. They seem to be doing superbly in school. I am still clueless as to Ainsley's status but don't expect that to change. I do know that she has tested for Kindergarten but I have not heard the results. Time will tell.

Graham has really turned some corners this year. After the violent start to this school year I was a bit concerned. I think he has grown tremendously. Socially, he seems miles ahead of were he was last year. He has many more friends and gone are the daily complaints that his "friends" were mean to him. Academically he is improving as well. While he is still not out of the woods due to our neglect in the site words area, he continues to improve. At one point, I really was concerned about his ability to memorize or remember his sight words but I am beginning to think it was just some type of developmental hurdle. He is now on track and seems to be absorbing them at a good pace. Memorizing his weekly bible verses have improved as well. Honestly, these were pretty much his only weak areas. He seems to be doing rather well in all of the others. Of course, in the meantime, he remains my most conscientious child. He really has a genuinely good heart. It is worn on his sleeve but it is a kind and pure as could be.

Sydney is continuing to do well in school as well. She too is having some hurdles but I know she will make her way through those. Her biggest challenge right now seems to be her subtraction facts. Her speed is lagging a bit behind where it needs to be. This has brought her math scores down from the A+ to the B+ range consistently whenever subtraction facts are part of the exercise. It isn't that she is missing them but that they are left incomplete due to the time constraint. It simply takes practice. Honestly, if she spent a tenth of the time on subtraction facts as she has on the Wii over the last week or so her subtraction facts would have been mastered. That is probably our fault. Perhaps the guilt we feel given their packed academic and athletic schedules is impacting our decision to make them push that much harder. We are trying to achieve balance. Perhaps a compromise is in order. 5 or 10 more minutes a day of math facts probably wouldn't be the straw that broke their fragile psyches.

There I am glad we worked through that. I will add that to their schedules and blame the idea on you. That kills two birds with one stone.

Well, I had best be off. Another full day of purpose awaits.

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