Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spreading Sickie-ness

It appears the sickie-ness is spreading. Graham is now complaining of a sore throat and stuffiness. This morning I will be taking a gaggle of twerps (count of 2) to the doctor for a throat swab. While I am not hoping for strep, I am certainly hoping to find something that will bring them some relief. I am expecting a swab for both strep and flu. I definitely don't want to hear the latter. The good news is that although there is soreness, they both seem to be weathering the storm fairly well given the symptoms.

As a side note, Sydney successfully survived her dental appointment yesterday. She now has a lovely new silver crown on the tooth behind her left canine. She is extremely proud. Again, this crown is on a baby tooth and we expect her to lose it in a year or two. The dentist was amazed at her calmness with the whole procedure. We weren't. Wow, how your perspective changes after all that she has been through. I sometimes forget what an incredible trooper she is. She makes me proud every time. Too bad, she is such a twerp the rest of the time. ;)

Well I had best be off. There is a mountain of work to do in an already shortened workday.

Purpii and Purpose abound.

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