Thursday, March 26, 2009

My wife has left me

Good morning! My wife has left me. Okay, perhaps, that sounds a bit too strong. Actually, my wife left for Austin this morning with two men. Okay, perhaps that is still too misleading. My wife who had a technology conference in Austin this morning left very early this morning with two coworkers. I expect my blushing bride to be back in my loving arms later this evening. However, that still leaves me massively outnumbered by the small, but ever agile and sneaky, band of twerps.

Not to worry, though, twerp wrangling is my specialty - a gift if you will - and I am already planning my defense.

This is also the day of Sydney and Graham's belt test. Today they will be tested for the first time to see if they are deserving of a little color on their uniforms. I fully expect them both to be awarded their new yellow and white belts. For the most part they have both mastered their skills. Sydney is no doubtedly a weapon and I am surprised at the strength of her blows. She does have power. Her technique has improved greatly and, with the exception of have a fairly low roundhouse kick, she is perfect. Graham is doing well too. However, his roundhouse is still a bit awkward. It is a funny thing actually. We he first began learning his roundhouse they told him to turn his shoulders in an effort to get him to turn his hips. Unfortunately, he took this to mean his head. For the lives of everyone, we can't get him to stop turning his head around backwards. The best way to describe it is to tell you that, before Graham even begins to kick, his head is turned 180 degrees away from the target. He is literally looking behind himself. Regradless, I am hopefil that we will be able to get him through it. He seems to have mastered everything else. He knows his blocks, punches, other kicks and his korean words. Their test is at 5 to 5:30 and Lynley will be racing back to see them.

As a follow up from yesterday's entry, I heard from the mother of this other child with CRMO. She was at home with a sick child yesterday and told me that she would try to call today. I doubt that I will find a definitive answer that is undeniable proof of what this is in Sydney, but it could help me move in the right direction. None the less, it is good to hear that someone else has faced these issues. Perhaps there is a commonality.

It will be another full day of purpose.

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