Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The hidden benefit of worn out twerps

Good morning! Well, here it is day 3 of spring break. Miss Claudia has made a comfortable transition back into our lives and, from what I can tell, all has been going smoothly. From my perspective it is a bit hard to tell exactly how smoothly things have been going. For the last two days the kiddos have been on field trips around the city. I am glad that they are getting great opportunities to get out and explore but it leaves me a bit in a quandary as to what level of tomfoolery they are presenting to Miss Claudia. I have no doubt that she can handle anything that they throw at her. I just want to make sure the they are doing as told and behaving well. I seem to remember a few times last summer when Sydney was being difficult because she felt the rules where too "baby" for her to follow.

Look, let's be honest, I finally found someone who willingly chooses to take care of my kiddos. I don't want to ruin this opportunity. Besides, we need Miss Claudia for the summer. I don't want to jeopardize that. I need well-behaved, cordial twerps. We can't put our summer child care in jeopardy.

Okay, so there you have it. We are down to the brass tacks. I am worried that my kiddos will behave badly and the fact that they have been out and about out of ear shot is a little scary. It isn't that I don't trust Miss Claudia. I do, completely. If anyone can handle them she can. However, she also has a choice with what she does over the summer. We need her.

I guess the good news is that she has been taking them out on field trips and wearing them out. By the time they get back to the homestead they are completely wiped out. They are too worn out for twerpdom.

Hmm. Maybe I can learn something from this little activity. I don't know for sure what today holds but I guess I can't be too upset if they head out the door early. Maybe these little field trips are actually our saving grace.

Apparently Miss Claudia is even more skilled than I gave her credit.

My purpii are in capable hands.

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