Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Mental Side of an Email

Good morning! Okay, so I am a little mental. Everyone knows that. To date, I have mentioned three times in my diary that I would be writing Dr. Eames about Sydney's leg pain. And, yes, I am still yet to pull the trigger. In fact, I have a fourth draft of an email sitting on my laptop in front of me. Originally, when I began writing the email last week it just sounded ridiculous to me. After writing down the sequence of events and looking at the symptoms it just did not look like anything other than normalcy. Yes. there was some pain but it was sporadic and went away. Before pushing the send button, I elected to wait it out just a little bit longer.

I have now done that four times.

In fact,I was so close the last time I forwarded the email to Lynley for review before I sent it off.

She thought it was too long.

Come on! You ask me, me of all people, to write an email to the oncologist and you expect it to be short. It just isn't going to happen. I don't have that in me. I carefully craft words. I think about angles. I carefully navigate bias. I address arguments from both sides.

Then, I have to make it funny.

The only thing I apparently don't care about is whether it is punctuated correctly or whether I used the right "there" of "their", "weather" or "whether", and "its" or "it's".

It's true. I am above that.

Regardless, what you are not going to get out of me is a nice short email.

Lynley took two days to edit it. She made it devoid of funny or interest. It is clinical and cold - probably perfectly appropriate.

Sydney now hasn't had any pain in two days and the last pain she experienced was due to injury. In fact, I have trouble remembering the last time she had any truly unexplained pain.

So, here I sit in front of an email that I am pretty sure that I won't send today.

Boy am I mental. I guess I can't say that purpose keeps you sane.

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themacdonnells said...

There's nothing wrong with being mental... just makes you more entertaining than the average guy. Oh, and it keeps people coming back to read your blog :)