Monday, February 23, 2009


On Saturday the Dudester, my only son, had his 5th birthday party. In the past, I have told you what a wonderful soul Graham was and this occasion was no different. I should probably give you a little background. When we first began to discuss birthday ideas with Graham he was very clear about what he wanted. He wanted a "sleep over" birthday party. At first, both Lynley and I were very supportive of the idea. CHEAP! It doesn't get much better than that. Rent a movie. Order some Pizza. Play some games. I could handle that. I was getting ready to save $250 without even batting an eye.

But, that soon changed. As Graham started to tell us what he had in mind we knew this was going to be an impossibility. The sleep over was fine. Unfortunately, the guests were not. You see, as he began to list off the names of the kiddos that he wanted at his sleepover birthday party, we realized that they were all the girls from his class. It was an interesting quandary for me, I don't know whether I was proud or worried. Regardless, we slowly had to break it to Graham that he could not have girls at his sleep over party.

Knowing Graham would want all of his friends at his party we had to consider other options. It was not long before everyone had decided on a pool party. It turns out that there is a women's fitness center with an indoor pool that rents out space for birthday parties. This was perfect for Graham because, given his February birthday, he was never given the option of a swimming party like his sisters. He was ecstatic.

Graham had a great time at his party. In all, there were 11 or 12 kiddos. I should also point out that only 4 of them were boys and 1 of which was Graham. Regardless, they had an absolute blast. I can not tell you how many of the parents took a moment to tell me what a great little boy Graham was. There were several parents who even described him as "kind" or "kindhearted." I don't think I have ever been prouder. He is such a good boy.

I often describe my father, with great admiration, as being unfailingly honest and kind. Until now I guess I never really understood the power of those words.

But right now, I could not be prouder - even if he wanted a sleep over party with girls.

My purpii bath me in pride.

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