Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leg Pain Revisited

Okay, so I had a talk with Sydney. She is a confusing little twerp. It is clear that I do not understand big girls or little girls. Regardless, I went through the whole rigmarole. I explained all of the different reasons that she could have pain in her legs. At the very last moment, of course, I had to sneak in "and, also, it could be cancer coming back." If you can imagine me saying that very quickly at the end of a sentence, then you have a pretty good picture of what happened. Sydney knew that fact but I think she needed to hear me say it. I know that sounds strange but otherwise it was just a big elephant in the room. She knew it. We knew it. We simply had to state it as a fact so that we could move on. My ulterior motive was to get her to help give me a clearer picture of what was going on. She had a genuine interest in trying to help me get to the bottom of the pain. However, in the end, I was no closer to an answer.

She was honest with me. Furthermore, as of yesterday morning, she had not had pain in a couple of days. I was feeling more comfortable with our situation. I was prepared to wait it out. I felt confident we were moving out of the leg pain worries.

Then, I picked her up from school.

She came to me almost in tears. I don't know whether she was more upset that she received an 89 on her spelling test or the fact that her leg was hurting. She was very dramatic. I was immediately scared. My dreams of no leg pain were coming to an end.

I got the gaggle loaded into the car. Then, carefully and calmly, I began to dissect her leg pain story. Where did it hurt? How did it hurt? How long? How intense? Sharp or dull? Based on the answers I wasn't too pleased with what I was hearing. Finally, I asked, "Did something happen to your leg to make it hurt?"

"Oh, yes, I bumped it on the table in Spanish."

My heart started beating again. I could not believe that I did not ask that question sooner. We then went through some more discussion. She was a bit worried about it because she feared that the pain was coming from another spot about an inch from where she "thought" she hit it on the table. Maybe I should have been concerned but at that point I was still reliving the high of relief.

Later that evening it was clearly tender at Tae Kwon Do. However, when we were not paying attention to her it miraculously got better.

She spent the evening chasing her brother and sister around the house.

No owies.

So, it was a day of ups and downs. Sydney still seems to be milking this situation. Lynley and I have agreed to not mention anything about pain or her legs for the next few days and we will see what happens. In the meantime, I have agreed to write Dr. Eames an overview of what we are dealing with to see if she wants to do anything about it. I imagine she will be content to wait it out but we shall see.

Other than the chaos (or with it) it was just a normal day of purpose around the Dungan household.

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