Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poop and Purpose

Wow, it is 6:00 AM and I already have 3 twerps surrounding me. It seems awfully early to be surrounded by twerps but I am honestly not going to complain. Although they are disrupting a bit of my work hours I, honestly, have bigger problems. You see, ever since I came back from Japan I have become addicted to sleep and my internal clock has gone on the blink. Instead of buzzing at 4:00 AM it now buzzes as late as 5:30 AM or 6:00 AM and sometimes it does not go off until I have rugrats jumping all over me in bed. I could get all stressed out about it because I am not getting the time to work on what I want to work on but I just figure I need the sleep. Over the past month or so I have been burning the candle on both ends. In fact, last week I can remember at least two 14 hour days. So, to make a long story short, if I am going to sleep a little late and get tackled by kids I am not going to get too stressed about it. There are still plenty of hours in the day to work but only so many to spend with the twerplets.

Yesterday was pretty busy and from a work perspective I accomplished absolutely nothing that I set out to. The day was one snafu after another that kept me from doing the tasks at hand. I had server problems at the hosting facility and domain name transfers that failed. Even the things that I planned to finish were not even started. As, you can see, the day did not go as planned. So, when the kids came home from school and wanted me to go swimming I thought. The water was still to cold. It was the exact opposite of what I had planned to do. So, why not? I jumped into my skivvies and made a nutty beeline into the water. As it turns out this was the first good decision I made all day. I had a blast with the kiddos. I had underwater races with Sydney. I had a floating contest with Graham. And, I did this all with Ainsley latched onto my side asking me to watch as she dunked her head under the water. It was the perfect complement to a truly messed up day. In fact, in retrospect ,it was the only "right" thing that I did all day. Thank goodness for the madness of my kiddos.

I did receive a bunch of emails telling me how cute Ainsley was in the pictures I posted yesterday. All I can say is: "SUCKERS!" That is exactly how she sucks you in. Everyone thinks she is all cute and sweet but I am telling you - watch out. Somewhere behind those innocent big eyes and wavy short locks lies the princess of twerpdom - mastermind of the unimaginable. Sure, go ahead and look, but be warned. She is capable of things that you have not even imagined.

Don't believe me?

I did not mention it before because it was too gross but do you know what she did while we were out swimming and playing in the back yard on Saturday? Do you? Well, she smeared her cute little poo all over the bathroom. She thought it would be great fun to paint with it on the mirror, on the cabinets, on the carpet and on the walls. Did I mention the walls were fabric? She also painted the tiles on the floor and the outside of the sink.

So, I will tell you again. Don't fall for it. Twerpdom lurks behind thine eyes.

Remember, twerps inspire both poop and purpose.

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Clint Coffee said...

My sister is Elizabeth Head. She lives in Ft. Worth and her son is in Grahams class. She asked me to post this to you as Hayden was diagnosed with Nuero Blastoma today. He has been having unexplained stomach pains and now they have diagnosed this. They are at Cooks right now. She wanted me to let you know. If you might contact her that would be great.
My email is clint@clintcoffee.com.