Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mr. Mom?

Yes, it is early. Even for me. I have been up since a little over 3:00 AM. All I really have to say on the subject is "damn cat!" But, the good news is that it is probably a good thing that I am bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. It seems that I might have to play the role of Mrs. Claudia today. It appears that she has someone in her family in Germany that is very, very sick and had emergency surgery last night. There was some doubt that she was going to make it through the surgery. Claudia did not know if she would be here or coordinating flights to Germany this morning. We are sending prayers and thoughts in their direction.

To make a long story short, if Claudia can not make it this morning, then it is probably a really good thing that my mind was already up and working so early in the morning. As I mentioned yesterday, there are several big projects on my plate and the only thing keeping them from being completed is the time to get the work done. I have been working diligently on a two part article on the Fenretinide/ABT-751 combination and I still have some work to do. I have some important information in it that I am hoping to get out. Hopefully, I can get it finished today and get it to the editors and reviewers.

Finallv, we are watching Sydney fairly closely. The day before yesterday she complained that her throat was hurting. Although we did not see anything alarming in the back of her throat we put it away in the mental medical file. Last night she began to complain that her hands were hurting and red. After a quick check-up with Lynley we discovered some blisters. At this point we are anticipating the possibility of a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Of course, only time will tell. It could also be from something else. We will see what today holds.

Well, I had best be off.

Purpose awaits.

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