Friday, June 6, 2008

A brand new year

I am having a little of a late start this morning. Last night Dr. Bob gave us some tickets to the Rangers. We took the Dudester to the game and did not get back until late. I am still a little groggy. I know there are many waiting for word about little Hayden so I want to be sure to update. Unfortunately, at this point, I still do not know much. I stopped by the hospital yesterday morning to drop off some items from the school. Hayden was on his way to the first floor for a hearing test. They do this to establish a baseline of his hearing. Regardless, I really just saw them in passing. I actually had a duel purpose for being up at the hospital and my next stop was for a meeting. After my meeting I stopped back by the room to make sure they did not need anything and found Hayden back resting comfortably on his bed. He seemed pretty sedated and I know that the morphine is still pumping pretty steadily through his veins. Hayden looked comfortable and peaceful. It appeared to me that this was one of the first times that this family had any peace and quiet so I elected to leave them alone. I don't have any answers as to his staging. So, for now, I will just keep hoping and praying for the best.

I also ran into Dr. Eames again while I was up on the floor. It is so nice to see her. I feel like Pavlov's dog whenever I run into her. The moment I make eye contact with her I am immediately calmed. However she did it, she has trained me well. I am so thankful that she is caring for this family. That is not to say that Granger or Howery are not great as well. It just means that Hayden and his family are in incredibly capable and kind hands. In this sense, I am happy for them.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not mention what an incredibly special day today is. Did you know? Today is Sydney's 7th birthday. Can you believe it? Every year is an incredible milestone and just that much more special than the year before. She is turning into such an incredible young lady. I am amazed with what she has achieved in this last year. In my mind, this last year has been all about catching up. For many years we have constantly focused on all of the challenges that Sydney has had to face and during this last year it seems that we have traded in many of those for focusing on her victories and normalcy. Simply put, this was her first full year out of treatment, and she went from catching up to surpassing. I am tremendously proud. In a sense I will miss her year of being 6. It was a great year. But, I am anxious and thankful for the year of 7. May it bring her health and happiness. If last year is any indication there is much in store for her.

My purpose just gets stronger.


laulausmamma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Sydney. Wishing you a year of happiness, fun and good health. I'm sure you'll enjoy a weekend full of birthday celebration happiness : }

Susan - California
Mom to Katie - 23yr NB survivor

Charon said...

I completely understand your surprise about Hayden's diagnosis. To this day it still bothers me that we have four of us in The Woodlands that were diagnosed in less than a 2 year time span and we all live within 4 miles of each other. In previous years, there were only 4 diagnosed in our county in a 10 year time span. It just doesn't seem right. We will keep Hayden and his family in our thoughts.
Regards, Charon Edgington