Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day, the holiday of the year!

Now that is what you call Father's Day weekend. The funny thing about Father's Day is that it really does not rank up there among the other holiday's. Let's be honest. In the real world, Mother's Day trounces Father's Day. In fact, I am pretty sure that Father's Day ranks way down there, maybe even below President's Day or Lincoln's birthday. In fact, my kiddos pretty much refused to acknowledge it at first. Don't get me wrong. I am pretty sure they love me a whole lot. They just weren't into another Hallmark holiday, especially one that did not get them off from school or involve the receiving of presents or candy. Let's face it. There aren't even any special characters - no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, and no Great Pumpkin. This was simply that time of year to get Daddy a new season of underwear and socks. I could see how the tradition was building. I could see my future before my eyes.

Not this twerp Dad.

You see. I figure that Father's Day is really all about the whole real reason that I am a Dad. And no, I don't mean sex (although now that I made that connection I may have to see if I can convince Lynley of that line of thinking next year.) What I really mean is my kiddos. The whole reason I get to celebrate Father's Day and that I get steak for dinner is because of my blushing little bundles of joy, my twerplets. For this reason I think Father's Day should be a kiddo and dad-o extravaganza. In this household, Father's Day should rank with all of the great holidays of fundom. My goal - take down Halloween.

It is for this reason that I surprised the family with a trip to Six Flags. What could be better than spending Father's Day eating junk food, cramming candy and ice cream down our throats, meeting cartoon characters, and having fun on the rides? I will tell you. Not much that I can think of - so that is what we did. We celebrated Father's Day going crazy and having a great time. We did exactly what you are supposed to do on Father's Day. We had a great time together.

Oh, and by the way, the kiddos are already counting down the days until next Father's Day.

Halloween - Watch Out!

Purpose - what Father's Day is all about!

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