Thursday, June 4, 2009

Playing Hooky

Today, Lynley has taken the day off from work. I too am going to take the morning off. If all goes as planned we should have an absolute blast. You see, the Dungan five are heading to NRH2O (a water park) with the kiddos for a few hours of fun this morning. I am somewhat concerned about the coolness of the water but I am quite sure that a blast will still be had by all. I simply can't wait. We will be sure to take some pictures and I am even more sure that we will have some great stories to tell tomorrow.

Ooh, Lynley just found several packets of sugar hiding in the drawers of the bathroom. Ironically, Ainsley just came down the stairs a few minutes after. I asked Ainsley if she knew anything about the packets of sugar.

I could watch her brain processing.

She whispered "No Daddy, I love you."


Until later.

Purpose thrives.

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