Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you know how much private school costs?

Oh, ha ha. Another child? Are you out of your mind? For the 15 or so of you that suggested that, well, no offense, but you really should be shot. I will also tell you this. You are very lucky. I have not shared your emails or your messages on Facebook with Lynley. She has no idea that we are having this little discussion. I would have mentioned it to her. But frankly, I did not want to be hit. Even hinting at this suggestion with Lynley is a very dangerous proposition. In fact, if you really, really want to piss her off (sorry for he language Grammie), suggest having twins or triplets.

Yep, I know all of the buttons to make her mad and this is one of them. Why do you think I end up doing so much working in the back yard under the deck? That is the Dungan version of the dog house.

Regardless, for your benefit and safety. I am going to keep these little emails between you and I.

We have enough purpose - don't you think?

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