Friday, March 4, 2011

It can beis annoying when your kids are just like you

Grahamers still ranks up there as my sweetest and most compassionate kiddo. I am sorry to those of you who thought it would be Sydney. Nope, not even close. For those of you that thought it would be Ainsley, well, your nuts. No, Graham is our puddle of love.

Now that I have said something genuinely nice about the boy, I have to tell you what annoys me to no end about him.

He is mouthy and thinks he is always right.

Furthermore, the thing that is most annoying about these traits is the fact that I happen to know that he got them directly from me. How do you dislike in your kiddos the traits that you know they got most directly from you?

When it is the bad ones, that's how!

It is awful really. Sure, I love the fact the Graham is adorable. I am so proud to own up to the fact that he is athletic, smart, and, of course handsome. I have no problem taking credit for those "clearly" genetic traits.

It is the annoying ones I hate.

The fact remains that Graham thinks he is always right and will argue until he is blue in the face. In fact, he does this with nearly everyone but me. He does it with his mother. He does it with his Tae Kwon Do instructors. God forbid, I hope he does not do it with his teachers but, it would not surprise me.

I know, I know. You are thinking it is a lack of respect. It isn't, or at least it isn't meant that way. (I happen to know because it is my annoying trait remember?) No, he is just passionate because he believes he is correct. The problem is that he is only seeing things from his singular point of view and, given that, he is wrong. The issue is that he hasn't developed an internal voice or the ability to actually think before he opens his mouth.

I failed at acquiring those little skill until I reached college and married my wife who beat them into me.

How do I help Graham? How do I get him to stop it?

How do I get him to stop acting like his father?

It is repugnant purpose.

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