Friday, October 8, 2010

A co-working addition

Well, it seems that the world did not slow down while I was out of town. In fact, it seems like things only sped up. That is what a few days away from our lives will do. I wasn't home for a full day before Lynley found a kitten at work that she thought desperately needed saving. When it comes to Lynley and animals "found" can be a pretty relative term. Although she claims to have people that witnessed her save the cat from abandonment and certain demise, the kids and I know her to well. Lynley "finds" animals like she finds an item on sale. You see, in her mind, if she purchases and item with my credit card, then she purchase it on sale - after all, it cost her less. Ainsley, Graham, Sydney and I would not put it past her to have "found" this cat in a box with a sign that said "kittens for sale" or "free to good home." She also may have "found" this cat at the pet store or at the humane society. Who knows, someone at work may have even had a litter of kittens. After all, she did say she "found" it at work.

While it may all sound very suspicious that Lynley "found" the long-haired orange and white kitten that she has wanted all of her life, it doesn't change a thing. It may go over better if she saved the kitty cat. She may get less resistance from her grumpy old husband that way. But still, it won't change the fact that none of us have any say in the matter. We now have another mouth to feed. I guess I can look at the bright side. I read an article on the plane flight home that stated that co-working can make you far more productive in a home office. Perhaps, the fact that Lynley's newest addition is cuddled up by my side on the couch will help me get through the mountain of work piled up my desk more efficiently.

Drupal - the "found", co-working kitten

Yeah, I doubt it to, But, really, you know Lynley, what am I going to do about it.

If you thought a new kitten was the only new happening you would be sorely mistaken. The kiddos are all busy with school projects and, if that were not enough, we have a major Tae Kwon Do tournament on Saturday. The kiddos will be competing in the 30th Annual Ft. Worth International Taekwondo Championships at the Fort Worth Convention Center. While it sounds like a local tournament this is actually one of the bigger tournaments of the year. We will see competitors from all over and from what I understand there is a large international contingent. In the past this tournament has brought together 1000s of competitors. It will be a great experience for Graham and Sydney and a lesson in patience for Ainsley who will have a full and complete day of self entertaining.

Well I had best be off. We are stepping into a 3 day weekend with the kiddos and after almost a full week away I have a ton of catch up to do. Thank goodness I have this whole co-working thing to help me make it through.

Perhaps it will double my purpose.


Vicky said...

Cute kitten! They are sweet and fun and entertaining. The litter box, however, not so much.

Jan said...

You are lucky to have a Lynley to find you that cat. It is adorable.